About Nu-Vibe Entertainment

The Nu-Vibe Entertainment Group logo represents the old school passing forward the knowledge and experiences to the younger generation. Nu-Vibe is the perfect symbol for the upcoming artists who are trying to break into the musical industry and giving them the opportunity to do so. Undiscovered talent won’t be ignored, and Nu-Vibe welcomes the opportunity to support the raw talent that hasn’t yet been discovered. It can be a touch life in the entertainment industry – Nu-Vibe will give you the opportunity to become the Nu-Vibe!

Nu-Vibe Entertainment Group, L.L.C.

Nu-Vibe Entertainment Group, L.L.C., the parent company of Nu-Vibe Records founded in 2013 by L.J. Zeigler and a consortium of forward-looking music professionals, is excited to break through the boundaries of traditional music models. Nu-Vibe is taking an artist-friendly philosophy of developing the artist’s full potential and including the support of the community in doing so. The Central Valley has a plethora of extraordinary talent in a variety of fields within the music industry and Nu-Vibe brings the “American Idol” opportunity to the people of the Central Valley and the surrounding Coastal counties.

Nu-Vibe believes this is the perfect time to launch an extraordinary opportunity for talented individuals in all fields of the music industry. Nu-Vibe sees an unlimited potential for creating and re-creating soulful R&B for today’s generation and generations to come by uncovering the many talented people who are waiting to be discovered and given an opportunity to showcase their abilities.

Through this website, people can come and discover the Nu-Vibe experience ranging from the indie R&B to experimental Pop and Electronic music along with mainstream Hip-Hop, Gospel, Rock, etc.