Recording Label

Nu-Vive Records is an independent record label with it’s primary focus on artist development. We are interested in finding undiscovered talent that have serious market potential and then helping them to take their music skills to the next level. With an independent record label having the same ability to showcase new talent as major labels, the opportunities for artists have never been better.

Massive Beats Productions

Massive Beats Production is not only a recording studio, we are a music production company that takes a holistic approach using all resources available to fine tune the abilities of artists regarding theart and sound of their music.

Massive Beats Production produce songs that are not only commercially viable, we retain the artistic identity on the individual artist. The focus is to launch artists in all genres of music from obscurity into the limelight by creating “radio ready” master recordings of the finest quality, while training them to deliver peak performances of unquestionable conviction, all the while readying them for the trials of the music business by combining passionate instruction with years of experience and success.